Kettlebells are great for fitness

Kettlebells have been in existence for a long time. They became popular in Russia while training their soldiers.

A man by the name Pavel Tsatsouline introduced them to America in early 2000, he was a conditioning coach in the Russian special forces. When arriving in America he opened his first gym and slowly began introducing kettlebells.

They are now very popular and their benefits are widely renowned for the ability to lose weight, gain strength, flexibility and endurance.

According to the America Council of Exercise which devised a 20-minute kettlebell snatch workout the results were amazing. They concluded that the average calories burnt for each person over 20 minutes were a whopping 20 calories per minute, which is equivalent to a 6-minute mile.

Getting started with kettlebell training is relatively easy,

  • Define some goals, what is your purpose for starting with kettlebells? Do you want to lose weight? Gain strength? Etc.
  • Learn proper form using kettlebells, preferably by a qualified trainer, alternatively an excellent video instructing the proper kettlebell use would be sufficient.
  • Buy some kettlebells that feel comfortable and start with a weight that is not too heavy. Make sure it’s of good quality and value, the Cap Barbell Kettlebell come in various weights and they are excellent quality.
  • Get yourself an exercise program that will help you achieve your desired results. It’s not good having good intentions and great looking kettlebell with no idea what to do with it. If you after someone that has been in game a long time and is a qualified trainer, then take a look at kettlebell training program by Chris Lopez

Kettlebell exercises:

In cojunction with my regular weights training I recently added two kettelbells exercises that have done wonders for my shoulders, tightened by glutes and improved my aerobic fitness. They are popular kettelbell exercises but the key as with all fitness routines is to do them regularly. I personaly do these every second day without fail, it’s been 2 months now and the results are visible.

I start with  the one-arm clean and press, this is great for shoulders and legs.

Start with legs a little wider that shoulder width and with bent knees lower the kettlebell to the floor and using legs mainly lift the kettlebell and rest on the outside of the elbow, once there drive upward with your legs until you arm is extended above your head, then repeat the process, do this for atleast 10 times and if you can try and do two sets. Repeat with the alternate arm.

This video shows the correct form to execute the one-arm clean and press


The next exercise is the kettlebell swing. I hold the kettlebell with two arms but I’ve seen it done with only one arm, the choice is yours but I suggest start off with using to hands.

Holding the kettlebell with both hands lower it to the floor between your legs keeping your back straight at all times. Raise the kettlebell with arms straight to somewhere between eye level and repeat this for about 10 times to begin with then to 20 and more when your fitness improves.

The video shows a great swing here:

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