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zfoSports weighted vest

Are your body weight exercises becoming too easy?

Do you want to challenge your muscles so they can get stronger and bigger?

Are your jogs becoming like a stroll in the park?

It may be time to invest in a weighted vest.

There’s no shortage of uses for the weighted vest, they can be worn while walking, jogging, weight training, aerobics even during daily activities. The added weight can make huge inroads into your weight loss routine and increase strength at a faster rate than training without one, not to mention the improved fitness.

I’ve seen basketballers use this to improve their speed around the court, endurance and get significant improvement in their jumps and leaps. Imagine wearing one during football training for a few sessions and then running on to the field on game day without one, the improvement would be very noticeable.

I started using a weighted vest a couple of months ago during my weight training and have seen significant improvement in my lower body and core strength.

To summarize, this is a great fitness tool to have at home that can be used for many uses as described above. I would like to say though, be careful in using weighted vest if you do suffer knee or any lower body joint soreness, the added weight could cause more problems in the long term, please refer with your medical practitioner before using a weighted vest.

Now that we’ve established the advantages and some benefits of using a weighted vest which one do you choose? As with most products there’s so many makes and models it becomes so difficult and time consuming finding the right one.

If you have never owned a weighted vest and looking to ramp up your training you can’t go past the ZFOSports weight vest. It may not be of the highest quality vests on the market but is certainly the best for the price in my opinion.

See the whole range of zfosports weighted vests here:

This model comes in various sizes depending on your size and strength, they range from 20lb to 80lbs which easily caters for most peoples needs. The weight ranges are listed below, click the sizes below for detailed information.

ZFOSports 20 lbs

ZFOSports 40 lbs

ZFOSports 50 lbs

ZFOSports 60 lbs

ZFOSports 80 lbs

They are designed for both men and women and fit snugly against your body and allows good movement when performing your routines or exercises.

This weighted vest is very comfortable and it’s weight distribution is spot on.

The best and cheapest buys can be found at Amazon:

buy now


There is no instruction manual that comes with vest but is fairly easy to assemble, down below I’ve included a video which can help with the assembly.

There have been some complaints with the shoulder straps being a bit thin and could well require some padding.

Overall:  This product is one of the most popular and again has an excellent price tag that you can’t go past.


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