Fitness gadget reviews – Part 1 – The Pedometer

I love gadgets of all types and that includes fitness gadgets. Sometimes having and using gadgets can be a waste of time especially when we don’t use the information these gadgets provide However when they are used for what they are designed the information they provide can keep us focussed and on track to meet specific goals.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be producing a series of fitness gadget articles which I hope will provide some insights on the benefits of these gadgets

In the first part of the series I’d like to talk about the small and unassuming device called the pedometer.

This simple and relatively cheap device counts the number of steps you take. It can increase your physical activity just by wearing one, studies have shown that it can increase your activity by 2000 steps which equates to about 1 mile just by wearing one regularly, therefore an increase in activity equates to more calories burnt which can only be a good thing.

The recommended daily number of steps for most people in a day is 10,000 steps, so an increase of 2000 steps is 20 percent increase which is a significant amount.

I received a pedometer as a present a while back and began wearing it to work for the next week or two and my daily steps increased progressively over that period. Obviously this was a psychological effect by me trying to outdo myself each day.

Since writing this article I’ve resurrected my little device and have seen the same results as before, more steps, and have noticed the benefits already. Admittedly it won’t create the same weight loss as kettlebell training for example but this device helps you burn more calories without actually training. You wear it and in most cases forget your wearing it.

It’s also great for getting the family involved, it teaches kids about the benefits of healthy living because I’m sure they’ll have plenty of questions for you, so get ready with some answers.

pedometers nowadays can not only calculate the number of steps taken but also calculate your distance, calories, stride and more, they also far more accurate than they were years ago. So for a small outlay this small device can increase you daily step count which in turn can go a long way to reducing your weight or at the very least keep the weight under control.

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