So you want to start weight training?

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Buying weights and setting up a home gym is one of the best ways to get started to improve your fitness and tone those muscles. In the following weeks I will be adding more articles and links to help you on your way. I will be sharing workout routines from the beginner level to the more advanced levels.

Also one of the most important aspects when starting weight training is having the proper diet, because without the correct food and/or supplements all the hard work will be for nought. In coming weeks I will be adding information on diets that will help you not only recover correctly from a work out but have more energy between workouts. It stands to reason that if you increase your physical load you must improve and/or modify your diet.

When starting something new such as an exercise regime I like to simplify the process as it is easier to start and stay with the journey.

To summarise:

  • Write down your goals, they can be short term or long term i.e what are you trying to achieve? when will you reassess your progress? weekly, monthly. an example would be ‘I will add 6 pounds of muscle mass in 10 weeks” or “I will lose 5 pounds in 6 weeks”. Whatever your goal is, RIGHT IT DOWN, preferably on the front cover of your training journal which you can read every time your open it.
  • Decide on the equipment you will buy, a weight set or a machine, then go out make your purchase and set it up in an area of your house. The alternative is to join a gym if you don&#82DZt have space at home, but remember you don’t need much space if you buy some dumbbells and nothing more, there are great workout routines with dumbbells alone.
  • Come up with an exercise program tailored to your goals that you have written in the first step, it’s no good starting an exercise program that will add 20 lbs of muscle if you only want to tone and get fit. I will be adding several exercise programs in the coming weeks, so come back soon.
  • Buy a training journal,  in the journal write your exercise program and next to each exercise enter the weight, number of reps and sets, it is very important to track your progress. There&#82DZs nothing more exciting than seeing improvement over a period of time, it keeps you excited and therefore motivated to continue.
  • Follow some simple diet tips, I believe you don&#82DZt need to change too many things to begin with, sometimes the more difficult and complicated a diet regime, the easier it is to make excuses and quit.
  • No matter what, STICK TO IT, at least until the date you set yourself when setting your goals. History is littered with good intentions that have gone by the wayside. This is why it&#82DZs important to write down your goals, that one small action could be the difference between continuing or giving up.
  • Good luck with your goals, I sincerely hope you maintain your conviction and achieve what you set out in the goals section of the summary, and remember to come back soon for diet hints and tips, exercise programs and a place to buy weights and plenty of articles to help you along the way.

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